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Terms & Conditions

All work carried out by EMEL Removals is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.






1.0 Changes to a quote can only be made by EMEL Removals. Any requested changes must be submitted before the move and agreed by both parties before the job commences.


1.1 It is the customer responsibility to read all terms and conditions and it is highly recommended that these are read by the customer, in full, before booking services from EMEL Removals.


1.3 All quotes are valid for 6 months. After this period the quote would need to be revalued.


1.4 Acceptance of a quote is not a guarantee of a booking date. We request that if you wish to use us, that you stay in touch and inform us as soon as possible with any suggested dates before agreeing these with other parties.


1.5 Our quotation is not a guarantee that we will have availability on the day that you require. Once a date is confirmed and a deposit has been made we will email or send a written booking confirmation. A date is not confirmed until we have recieved a deposit and you have accepted these terms at the bottom of this page.




2.0 A deposit of up to 50% may be required to secure booking slots. When this is required. All deposits will be deducted from the final payment.


2.1 If a customer cancels a booking 7 days or more before the job is due, the deposit is fully refundable or transferable to your new removals date. If we then can not complete the new date for any reason, your deposit is fully  refunded.


2.2 The deposit is non refundable after the first time.


2.3 We do not encourage the customer to pay a deposit unless they are completely sure of their moving date. Please note that this also means that no date has been secured.


Key Wait Waiver.


3.0 A key wait waiver is available to all customers when booking with EMEL Removals. This is charged at a set rate of £50.00. If you wish to purchase the key wait waiver this must be agreed upon booking or by the morning of the move before work commences.


3.1 The waiver begins from the time that we arrive at the new property from 1pm and will cover you until 5pm on the day of the move. If the keys are still not available by this time we will have then exceeded a full working day and will need to look into other options. Please see section 4.


3.2 If you have opted for the waiver and the keys arrive on time, the waiver is non refundable as the waiver is a guarantee that you will not be charged extra for late keys.


3.3 If a key waiver is not accepted you will be charged an extra £20 per staff member per hour from 1pm or once we arrive at the new house if this is after 1pm as this is the time that we are required to have you out of you current house. This is then charged hourly until the keys arrive at the new house.


3.4 When accepting a key waiver the payment must be made before work commences on the day of the move and where a waiver is not accepted the balance of the key wait must be paid before the vehicle(s) begin to be unloaded.


Failure to exchange on the day


4.0 If after we have loaded on the day of exchange the move falls through we will then arrange storage to the most convenient location at your cost and will then reorganise your new delivery date and cost for the most convenient available date.


4.1 If the key exchange happens after 5pm we then reserve the right to rebook the unload for the next convenient day which may also incur storage charges and will incur added removals costs. This does however depend on the size of the move and the estimated unload time. This regulation is only set in place for the health and safety of our staff. It is a rule set by the solicitors that we must have you moved out by lunchtime which also means that we need to start by 8am. If the keys are then not ready within a nine hour day this is deemed unreasonable for work to continue and any incurred costs must be paid by the customer and should then be taken up with your solicitor.




5.0 If you are paying by cash, this can be paid on the morning of the job.


5.1 When paying by bank transfer or PayPal this must be paid before the job commences, or on the morning of the move.


5.2 If paying by PayPal an additional fee may be added to cover payment fees unless this is already included in the quote.


5.3 Cheques must be paid in advance and would need to have cleared before the move commences.




6.0 Once all packaging has been paid for, the agreed items become property of the customer.


6.1 When using EMEL for a pack and wrap service, all items will arrive the day packing commences.


6.2 If EMEL are to simply supply packaging, payment for all required items must be paid in full in advance or upon delivery. Where agreed, EMEL will happily collect and recycle all used boxes at a convenient time to all parties.


6.3 Any packaging not supplied by EMEL will not be covered by us.


Pack and Wrap Service


7.0 When using EMEL for a full pack & wrap service, all items will be covered by EMEL. However when the customer opts to pack themselves only damages caused by EMEL will be entertained by us. For example if items are packed by the customer and all boxes are delivered undamaged but packed items have been damaged, EMEL will not take any responsibility for this.




8.0 EMEL does offer a full dismantling/reassembling service if required for an additional cost. If the customer is aware of any potential problems with this service they must notify EMEL at the earliest convenience to prevent any problems on the day of the move. Occassionally we come across problems such as glued joints, threaded screws/bolts or grounded screw heads etc. In these situations a member of staff will notify the customer of any problems. If the customer advises any member of staff, to continue then all responsibility lies solely with the customer.


8.1 All screws, bolts, alan keys and fixings for anyn appliances is to travel with and is the responsilibility of the costume. We will not take responsilbility for these items.


8.2 Dismantling and reassembling of flat-pack furniture will not be covered under our insurance.


Additional Work 


9.0 Any additional work must be stated prior to any quotes given. Any additional work required on the day may incur an extra charge.




10.0 It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that adequate and legal parking is provided.


10.1 Any permits or permission slips must be provided by the customer and it is also the customer responsibility to inform us of any nearby tolls or congestion charged areas.


10.2 Failure to comply with these terms will result in any fines being sent and charged to the customer.




11.0 EMEL Removals cannot take any responsibility for the safety of items where the customer has opted to pack and wrap their own belongings.


11.1 Fragile items must be clearly labelled.


11.2 EMEL Removals will always endeavour to take the greatest of care with your belongings but when not using our pack and wrap service it is the customers responsibility to ensure that all belongings are in a safe state to be transported.


11.3 All of our staff are trained and experienced but accidents can of course happen. Any damages caused directly by us will be rectified by us on a repair/like for like replacement basis.


11.4 All damages MUST ideally be reported to us before we leave the job. Damage claims made more than 48 hours after will not be accepted.


11.5 Any electrical appliances that have problems after the move will require a full inspection to determine whether this was caused by EMEL Removals. Where no external damage is reported whilst on site we will not accept responsibility for those damages.




12.0 We are fully insured for our own protection.


12.1 In some circumstances we can provide extra cover for an additional fee but where more valuable items are to be transported, it is highly recommended that the customer take out their own removals insurance usual via contents insurance.


12.2 All of our insurances such as fleet, removals, goods in transit, public liability and employers liability are covered by removals broker specialists Basil Fry. This ensures the best possible protection for us, the customer and the customer property/belongings at all times. Always check with your potential mover who they are insured with.


12.3 We are not liable for a "new for old" basis of any damages.


12.4 We will not accepted liability when advised by the customer on how to transport any items.


12.5 We do not take liability of any kind for flat pack items that are not dissembled prior to the move unless you have selected a full dismantling/reassembling service with EMEL.


12.6 If one item from a set or a pair is damaged we will only accept liability for the damaged item.


12.6 We are not liable for any jewellery, money, deeds or bonds etc. It is highly advised that such items are kept in your possession at ALL times.


12.7 We do not cover food or drink items of any sort.


12.8 We do not cover any furs, tobaccos, perfumes or alcohol.


Weathered/Worn items 


13.0 Any weathered, worn or previously damaged items will not be covered by our insurance. This includes all house, garage, shed and garden items.




14.0 It is required by EMEL Removals that the customer takes full responsibility of all children, pets and other distractions.


Human Traffic 


15.0 Once work commences, it is the customer responsibility to ensure that all children, family members, pets and vehicles are kept away from all working areas for their own safety. We will constantly be in and out of the customer home and will need access to all rooms at all times. We are working on a tight deadline and need to be able to get on with our jobs as best as possible. For all of these reasons we highly recommend making advanced plans before the day of the move.


15.1 No human traffic is covered by our insurances nor is it our responsibility.


Customer Assistance 


16.0 Any items damaged whilst in the customers control or when the customer is assisting with lifting, will not be covered by EMEL Removals.


16.1 If a customer were to be injured whist helping or working on a job, they would not be covered by EMEL Removals. Any customer involvement is at their own risk.


Customer Responsibilities 


17.0 The customer or a designated person must be present at all times to prepare and ready all appliances prior to the move. 


17.1 Take precautions to ensure that all goods not to be taken by us are clearly marked and that any items you wish to take yourselves are packed and loaded in advance.


17.2 If you have opted for a self pack option you must ensure that all items are boxed, wrapped and ready for loading by the time of our arrival on the day.


17.3 Make sure that all refrigerators and freezers have been emptied, defrosted and cleaned. The customer must check that all items have been loaded before we leave the house.


17.4 Failure to complete any of these tasks can create issues with the timing of the move or could result in extra charges. If EMEL are to supply any extra services. We may also refuse liability for damages, loss or cost if these terms are unfulfilled.


17.5 Any goods advised by you to be taken are on your authority.


17.6 Any prohibited, pornographic or dangerous/licensed items must be transported by you. If items such as these are packed, we will not take any liability for this.




18.0 Any complaints are to be made via email and will be answered in a timely and professional manor.




19.0 EMEL Removals reserve the right to refuse or cease a job at any point if any member of staff feels threatened or is abused verbally or otherwise.


Paints & Fluids 


20.0 Any unsealed fluids will not be transported by EMEL Removals and we reserve the right to refuse transportation of any fluid contents when not suitably packaged by the customer. This also includes any flammables, gas bottles, alcohol or paint etc.


Lofts & Cellars 


21.0 EMEL Removals are not insured to access lofts or cellars etc. In some cases and if agreed beforehand, we can assist with lofts if a non EMEL Removals member is handing items down to a member of staff, but this MUST be agreed before work commences. We are prepared to enter cellars if they are safe and fully lit but will not provide insurance for any kind of damage caused while working there.




22.1 EMEL Removals are not insured to tamper with any electrical or gas connections. Any such items must be disconnected before we can handle them.


22.2 We are also unable to take down any fixed items such as shelves, curtains, tv brackets and cupboards etc, or to fix them at the new property.


Adverse Conditions


23.1 Any adverse weather conditions, problems with roads or traffic are completely out of our control. We will always try our absolute hardest to get to any job but will also consider any risks involved, as well as the health and safety of ourselves and all around us.


COVID-19 Update

24.1 Return to work procedures
As of Monday, 11th May 2020 as per the advice received from the government on Sunday, 10th of May 2020. The removals industry and EMEL Removals will now began to make our return to work. 


24.2 We are now taking bookings for house moves but we are not currently providing home visits as it has been proven that we are able to provide accurate quotes via way of video or picture messaging. For example Zoom, Facebook video message, WhatsApp or FaceTime etc.

24.3 All staff are provided with the relevant PPE 

24.4 Upon your move we will enter your home whilst wearing 3 ply facial masks and latex gloves to complete the initial walk around and to plan your move. 

24.5 We will complete a risk assessment on each property of the move. 

24.6 Customers are advised that they must also follow all COVID-19 safety procedures such as social distancing. We are happy to help advise on this as best as we are able to but we do not accept any liability for this advice.

24.7 When we are completing your move it is highly advisable that you turn off all heating and open all windows. We also strongly advise that you keep a minimum distance of two meters or that you vacate the property whilst we complete your move.

24.8 We will do our utmost to provide safe working measure but as is the nature of our business this is not completely in our hands and we will not be liable against COVID-19 or take any responsibility for this. 


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