EMEL Removals Ipswich, Suffolk Call now: 07875 563031
EMEL Removals Ipswich, Suffolk Call now: 07875 563031

Established by Jason Morris in 2012

EMEL Removals was established by Jason Morris (thats me) in 2012. 


So the story of how EMEL Removals began………. 


During my previous job I had received some injuries while working. I faced a lengthy spell away from work whilst recovering which unfortunately for my employer gave me nothing but thinking time. As a father with joint custody of my young daughter (yes that is her in some of the pictures) I began to think of a way that I could pay my way but also enjoy the time with my daughter. School runs, Christmas pantos, parents evenings etc. I wanted to experience every part of being a parent but it was vital that my daughter always saw that to get what you want in this life you need to work for it. Many moons ago I was a carpet fitter so decided to temporarily go back to this trade. I decided to purchase a van and become self employed while my master plan came together. 


So with a little gift from my mum (thank you mum) I was now the owner of a reliable van. I got the van home that evening and began to plan my temporary return to carpet fitting. While in deep thought I received a knock on the front door. I answered to a gentleman who proceeded to ask me if the van that was on the drive was mine and whether I could do recycling runs. Why not? I thought. I emailed a price over the same evening and he booked right away.


Two days after completing the job I received a call from somebody asking me how much I would charge to move their one bedroom flat. It just so happened that the customer I had helped with the recycling run had recommended me to his friend. To this day our main source or customers are via recommendation, something we are very proud of. Without explaining every job from that point, this was the beginning of my new venture. 


My then girlfriend, and now wife and I began to think of a business name. I wanted something that meant something to me, something to remind me on the toughest days why I had began it all…….MY DAUGHTERS INITIALS? Brilliant but already taken. My girlfriend and now wife came up with the great idea of spelling her initials. EM for M and EL for L what does that spell? EMEL. Behind every great man is a truly great woman! She even managed to create a house shaped logo around the name.


A couple of years later things were going great and I was loving growing my new business. No pressure at all and just enjoying the process of learning my new trade. Baby number two was on her way!! Time to grow and grow we did. 


EMEL Removals has grown from strength to strength ever since along with our fleet our fantastic reviews and of course our hard working staff. Family, Friends and customers have also played a vital part in the progression of this genuine family business. Its hasn't been easy but it has always been worth it. The word EMEL is both personal and dear to me. It will always mean something, it will always be worth everything that I can give and it will be a legacy for my family to continue for many years to come.


EMEL Removals the family run business!

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